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Hair Restoration New Orleans LA
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Hair Restoration New Orleans LA, Hair Loss Control Clinic

Hair Restoration New Orleans - Laser Hair Therapy
If you are suffering from hair loss, you can do something about it, without surgery! The Hair Loss Control Clinic in New Orleans offers a multi-therapeutic approach to restoring your own natural hair. This innovative system has an incredible 97% success rate by using a combination of treatments that are non-invasive, painless, and affordable.

Our hair is more important than ever in today's appearance oriented society. Beautiful lush hair is perceived as a sign of youth, vitality, and health. Hair Loss can have devastating effect on your appearance, daily life, relationships, and career. It affects the way the world looks at you and the way you look at yourself.

Hair loss can cause a wide range of emotions, such as lost youth, low self-esteem, embarrassment, lack of confidence, and even depression. You can stop suffering with the effects of hair loss and do something about it, rejuvenating your hair and your life. At Hair Loss Control Clinic, we help men and women restore their youth and self-confidence for as little as $89 per month! (Subject to credit approval)

Pete Zito is a certified hair loss consultant, and helps the men and women of New Orleans and Metaire love what they see when they look in the mirror. Our treatment plans are optimized for the most effective therapy for each patient's unique condition. The individualized program may include laser hair therapy, topical solutions, dietary supplements, and specialized hair care products. Start your own customized treatment program today.

You will enjoy our private, secluded office; your visit will be discrete and pleasant. Our friendly and knowledgeable team understands what you are going through and are ready to help you get your hair and life back. We have flexible office hours for those with busy schedules, and we offer home treatment programs.

Remember, Hair Loss is progressive and will continue to worsen without treatment. The greater the loss, the greater the amount of time it takes to see results from a program. Take a proactive approach to your hair loss. Call us toll-free at 1-800-HLCC-123 (800-452-2123) to schedule a complimentary consultation. If you are not in the New Orleans area or have a hectic schedule, we offer a free phone consultation for your convenience.
What Our Patients are Saying?
Hair Restoration New Orleans - Video Zibros
The Zibros
Hair Restoration New Orleans - Video Lannie1
Lannie R.
Hair Restoration New Orleans - Video Lannie2
Lannie R.
Hair Restoration New Orleans - Video Debbie

Hair Loss Products

Hair Restoration New Orleans - Hair Loss Product1
Complete Saw Program
Simply the best program to combat the major causes of hair loss. Inhibits DHT & provides complete hair nutrition.
Hair Restoration New Orleans - Hair Loss Product2
All Natural Saw Program
HLCC Scripts All Natural Program is virtually the same innovative program as Complete Saw with the exception that it is 100% all natural.

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"Hair regrowth"
I admit that at first I was skeptical as to whether the laser treatments would really initiate new hair growth. Well, three months later, the before and after photos don't lie. Even my barber noticed the difference. My area of male pattern baldness is showing new hair growth that will only get thicker with time and continued use of the Hair Loss Control Clinic's products. I am well satisfied and glad that I took part in the treatment. Thanks!
~ Darryl H., Kenner, LA.
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